The FUEL SCRAM/7 project started 2 years ago when Mark from Australia participated into the Scram Africa, a trip to desert for classic and neoclassic bikes organized by us.

After that experience hi asked us to build a bike to participate again this year.

The donor bike is a BMW R100/7 from 1977 and the main goal was to convert that road bike into a scrambler .

To achive that goal we start changing the entire front for a Suzuki DR 650 fork and  21”wheel. The fork was trimmed for better bike geometry and the rear shocks were replaced for a longer Ohlins ones.

To get even more height we remove the original oil pan for a new one more robust and narrow getting more height on the bike

The tank is from a BMW R27 with 17 liters capacity which gives sufficient autonomy for the stages of the trip.

We love to add to our builds some creative details…on this bike, we have added a compass at the top of the tank ..you can’t get lost in the desert!

For a better scrambler look we mount a new high exhaust pipe on the right side with a modified Ural silencer at the end.

The tires was a customer request, on the rear we got a Maxxis Maxxcross Sof  Terrain, a tyre designed for riding on really deep sand and mud and a Pirelli Scorpion MX on the front.

Inside the tires we mounted a tubeless sistem called Nuetech Tubliss, wich replaces conventional inner tubes with a small red 100 psi insert that creates two different pressure zones inside the tire itself. This increased tire stability and eliminates pinch flats. In turn, this allows you to run very low tire pressure for massive gains in traction and a much plusher ride

A high seat and rear rack gives an old enduro look and practicality at the same time.

The Fuel Scram/7 finished the 2.000km trip with no damages and Mark greatly enjoyed the ride through the sand and dunes!


El proyecto de la FUEL SCRAM/7 empezó hace dos años cuando el australiano Mark participó en la Scram Africa, un viaje al desierto para motos clasicas y costumizadas organizado por nosotros. Después de esa experiencia Mark nos encargó hacer una moto para participar otra vez este año.

La base es una BMW R100/7 de 1977 y el principal objetivo era la de convertir esa moto de carretera e una scrambler con aptitudes para el off road. Para conseguirlo empezamos cambiando el tren delantero por el de una Suzuki DR650 recortando la horquilla para una mejor geometría de la moto. La parte trasera se montarón unos Ohlins Vintage con más recorrido. También para ganar más altura cambiamos el carter de aceite por otro más estrecho con un protector integrado.

El depósito proviene de una antigua BMW R27 con suficiente autonomía para las etapas del viaje. Nos encanta poner algunos detalles creativos en nuestras motos así que en esta ocasión añadimos una brukula integrada en el depósito.

Para obtener un look más scrambler montamos unos colectores altos dos en uno con un silenciador final de una Ural.

Los neumáticos fueron una petición por parte del cliente para poder rodar con facilidad por arena, así que se montó un Maxxis Maxxcross Sof Terrain detrás y un Pirelli Scorpion MX delante.

Un asiento alto al más puro estilo enduro de los 70 y una parrilla portaequipajes comforman la parte trasera. La Fuel Scram/7 acabó el viaje de 2.000km sin desperfectos y Mark disfrutó como un loco por la arena de Marruecos!


Fuel SCRAM7 01Fuel SCRAM7 02Fuel SCRAM7 03Fuel SCRAM7 04Fuel SCRAM7 05Fuel SCRAM7 06Fuel SCRAM7 07Fuel SCRAM7 08Fuel SCRAM7 09Fuel SCRAM7 10


Photos by Pere Ferrer (The pics show how the bike finished the trip)

Main Mods and pars:

-Classic trial front light

-Analogue speedometer for BMW

-70’s enduro handlebar

-Oury grips

-Ohlins vintage rear shock

-Maxxis Maxxcross rear tire

-Pirelli Scorpion MX front tire

-Handmade exhaust pipe

-Seat designed and built by Fuel

-Handmade subframe

-Odyssey battery

-New front and rear fenders

-Off road footpegs

Some pics by Mauel Portugal of the Fuel Scram/7 riding the Scram Africa trip

.. Fotos por Pere Ferrer (las fotos muestran la moto tal como llegó)

Principales modificaciones

-Faro delantero tipo trial clasico

-Velocimetro analógico BMW

-Manillar enduro de los 70

-Amortiguadores Ohlins vintage

-Neumático trasero Maxxis Maxxcross

-Neumático delantero Pirelli Scorpion MX

-Colectores hechos a mano -Asiento diseñado por Fuel

-Subchasis hecho a mano

-Bateria Odyssey

-Nuevos guardabarros

-Estriberas Off road

Fotos de Mauel Portugal de la Fuel Scram/7 en la Scram Africa


Fuel SCRAM7 1Fuel SCRAM7 2Fuel SCRAM7 3


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    I am very interested in r100 rt, how much are these bikes and do you include shipping to Australia

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