Crash Replacement Policy

Leaving the main road means exploring the world, living life, taking risks, and mapping new paths. We want to be your partner in these adventures, taking care of you if something happens.

We work obsessively to create motorcycle gear that makes your ride safely, but as riders, we also know that sometimes accidents happen. This is why we have your back with a unique "Crash Replacement Policy." 

How does it work the Crash Replacement Policy?

- Contact us at explaining what happened and with pictures of the damaged item(s).

- Only genuine claims are considered (our assessment on whether a claim is genuine is final).

- Normal wear and tear, or damage due to misuse, do not apply.

- If the claim is considered genuine, you will receive a replacement item from the same gear category.

- We may ask for the damaged item back for recycling/reuse in accordance with our company sustainability policy. Our replacement policy is made with both our customers and the environment in mind. It does not affect your statutory rights.

- We reserve the right to make an alternative offer at our sole discretion.

- We reserve the right to reject claims which we feel are abusive of the "Crash Replacement Policy."

Our "Crash Replacement Policy" has a lifetime value, so you are covered forever and ever!