Adventurers wanted


Are you constantly thinking of scape?

Are you planning an epic adventure? Do you want to pack your stuff and #LeaveTheMainRoad? We want you!! We want to FUEL your dreams and make your next adventure happen. 

Don't let it pass, now is your time.


Rules are plain simple

- Adventures of a minimum duration of 3 days

- In Pre-2000 bikes, Scramblers or Custom Bikes

- Photographer 

- Willing to Leave The Main Road

Submissions of proposals

In order to evaluate the proposals you will need to send a document (pdf, word...) explaining your plan, route, motorcycle you will use, providing as many details as you can.

Things like social media handles, background on your self, why you do it are also important. Also, the portfolio of the photographer is a key factor for us.

You will need to send your proposal via email at: