Fuel Diaries

The Great Balkan Rally 2023
Sándor Tabányi and Márk Tabányi won the second Balkan Rally with almost perfect scores. Their 1964 'Pagoda' 230 SL Mercedes-Benz completed the nearly 1300 km distance without any problems. The victory required impeccable navigation, good sense of time, sharp logic...
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"I WANNA RIDE, CRASH, FIX, AND RIDE AGAIN" Dagestan is a unique region of Russia where you can find snowy mountain peaks, deserts, tropical forests, a sea with wide sandy beaches, canyons, mountain rivers, ancient villages, special cuisine, and hospitable...
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Adventum 2: Head to South Africa
In November 2022, the Liberty Rider team set off on a trip to South Africa for a journey called Adventum. What is Adventum? It's a trip organized every two years by Liberty Rider. The idea is simple: to go with...
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