Aramid fiber: Benefits for your riding gear

Aramid fiber: Benefits for your riding gear

Safety in any activity is paramount, and this includes motorcycling. Regardless if it’s your first time out on a bike or if you have been on the road for years, investing in good motorcycle gear always pays off.  

The importance of protection offered by motorcycle gear should never be underestimated. An average piece of clothing, such as a pair of standard jeans or a canvas jacket, offers next to no protection in the event of falling off a motorbike in movement. In terms of abrasion and zero impact protection, they are practically useless, no matter how good they might look. 

Riding a bike with aramid gear

But technology has made significant advances in terms of safety in motorcycle gear over the past decade. With the introduction of aramid fibers and its most know brand Kevlar® riding has become a lot safer than before. 

What is aramid fiber? Kevlar duPont, maximum guarantee 

Kevlar is a DuPont trademark fiber developed in 1965. It is a strong and lightweight synthetic fiber with high resistance to impact and heat. At equal weight, it is 5 times stronger than steel. Kevlar is universally known for its use in bulletproof vests; however, our gear does not extend to that feature, at least yet..!

Aramid fiber stands for similar materials, both heath-resistance and strong, with exceptional mechanical properties. It is often used in aerospace and military applications.

Benefits of Kevlar in your riding gear

Kevlar and the generic aramid fibers are used in thread and fabric to reinforce motorcycle garments and help provide tear and abrasion resistance. Aramid fibers in the garments give additional protection against tears or abrasions that can expose the skin.


In comparison to a car crash, a motorcyclist cannot rely on the vehicle body to protect them in an accident. On a bike, the primary way to protect yourself is through a safe riding style, and secondly, the quality of the gear you use.

Comfort and style are also valid concerns. Aramid reinforcement in motorcycle gear has an added benefit to it: its lightness. Aramid-enhanced gear looks like any gear and is very comfortable to wear. It offers security and safety without compromising on style and aesthetics.

Here at Fuel, we take safety seriously without compromising on style. For more details on technical specifics for our gear, head to our main page and check out the Riding Gear and Apparel sections.