FACES OF SCRAM - Dani Giralte

FACES OF SCRAM - Dani Giralte
On the "Faces Of Scram" of this week we share with you some words about the experience that Dani Giralte had on the last year in Morocco, and he tells us why the Scram Africa is such a dream to him, read below.
"What to say about the Scram Africa? 
I have been aware of existence for years and from the first moment I saw it, I told myself that one day I gonna be part of this. Why? Well, because it has everything I've always dreamed of. I've done my whole life enduro since I was a kid and my dream was one day to go to Dakar, to ride around Africa with my bike, was just a dream and tough it's gonna be impossible to realize until the Scram Africa crossed in front of me.
And what does the Scram have that other trips or races in Morocco don't have? Some people do almost the same with brand new enduro or trail bikes, I'm not interested, in the end, you travel so quickly and you miss the landscapes and the small villages with warm and friendly people. There are others who are copying the Scram Africa with old trail bikes, I'm not interested if I have to choose I always gonna choose the original one because those guys care about everything from the experience of being there and everyone cares a lot about the aesthetics of their motos and the results at the end it's incredible.
You spend almost two weeks in an amazing country of friendly people and amazing landscapes, you step on dunes and deserts that normally you can only watch on TV and cross the Atlas on paths that no travel agencies will offer you. You eat at restaurants who don't appear in Tryp Advisor but they make the best omelet in the world with eggs freshly laid by the chicken.
You usually face this adventure with people from the whole world and they have the same passion as you do for old bikes, that helps a lot to make friends that couldn't happen anywhere else.
Usually, I am not the most sociable person in the world. But now I have friends in Holland, Switzerland, and France that I've met at the Scram, speaking in the heat of a bonfire in the middle of a tent camp at the dunes of the Sahara.
I can only say that as long as I can I will come every year!