Fuel Cinema Sundays - I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle

If we can locate this film on a place of the cinema history probably he gonna be between "Christine The Car" and "What We Do in the Shadows".

Take a look at the Remastered Trailer of  I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle! An underground classic from 1990 directed by Dirk Campbell starring Neil Morrissey, Amanda Noar and Michael Elphick.

"Birmingham biker Nick Oddie (Morrissey) thinks he's got a bargain when he buys a second-hand motorcycle at a knock-down price. The only problem is that the machine won't start in daylight hours. Nick's suspicions begin to mount when his best friend is murdered, and it eventually transpires that he is, in fact, the owner of a monstrous vampire motorbike which stalks the streets at night, feasting upon Hell's Angels, streetwalkers and traffic wardens. Understandably alarmed, Nick enlists the help of a priest (Daniels) and police inspector Cleaver (Elphick) in order to exorcise the two-wheeled beast."