Dagestan is a unique region of Russia where you can find snowy mountain peaks, deserts, tropical forests, a sea with wide sandy beaches, canyons, mountain rivers, ancient villages, special cuisine, and hospitable people who have been welcoming travelers for centuries as their most dear guests. Dagestan is part of the Silk Road, along which our rally passes. A few years ago, we came up with the idea of Grandagestan as a trip for a small group of friends on old motorcycles. Now, this adventure is a big 10-day trip without a plan and an exact route, in which dozens of people gather every year to travel about 1000 km along a variety of roads.

The joke that sounded like "We don't have a plan, we wanna ride, crash, fix, and ride again" became the main motto of the entire trip, fully reflecting what is happening in Grandagestan.

In addition to the rally itself, important events and checkpoints await us on the way. The rally opens with an enduro race on the slope of one of the oldest villages in Dagestan and an authentic style party, as well as sunset dinners, high mountain climbs, camping in amazing places, and the final sprint race "Caspian Sand" on the beach of the Caspian Sea, inspired by the sand battles of the past.

We call it a rally, but we're not in a hurry. Our goal is for each participant to overcome more than 1000 km in 10 days at their own pace and be truly happy with what they have experienced during these days.

Breakdowns, cold, difficulties on the way, and overcoming oneself are an important part of our trip. In contrast to the magnificent views and the company of like-minded people, forever changing those who traveled through the region.

Dagestanis have been known for centuries for their hospitality and ability to meet travelers from the road. A difficult ride through the wilderness is a danger for both the rider and the motorcycle, but even if the rider is left alone or behind, the locals will always help to solve any problem. And they will also feed and be sure to invite you to visit (you can't refuse it! ).

We ride as a team, but each rider must be autonomous. There are base camps on the route where our team meets riders in the evening and sees them off in the morning. At the camp, you can eat, recuperate, take care of your motorcycle, and spend the night in your tent.

GRANDAGESTAN is inspired by legendary rallies and past aesthetics. We are happy to see participants on light old enduros such as Honda XL/XLR, Yamaha Tenere, Triumph Scrambler, Africa Twin, old BMWs, scramblers, custom bikes, and of course, two-stroke motocross legends. Unusual custom cars and legendary SUVs are also welcome in our race.

Credits to: Aleksei Kalabin, Evgeny Elgin & Ivan Gushchin

And of course, to all the Grandagestan crew!