How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Glove For You?

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Glove For You?

If you are thinking about investing in a new pair of motorcycle gloves, there are a few things that are worth taking into account before buying. Style and comfort are obvious, important aspects that come to mind. But what about technical characteristics? Where and when will you be wearing them?

We here at Fuel have put together a guide to walk you through some aspects you need to think of, in order to make the right choice for your specific needs, and to give you the best protection and comfort. 

When choosing the motorcycle glove that is best for you, there are two important things to consider:

1. What is your riding style/style of motorcycle? 

Off road: 

    Do you prefer to venture off the beaten track? Off-road gloves tend to be thin and not have a lot of armor; they are more aimed at maintaining grip on the bars than protecting you in a crash. They are usually less expensive than street gloves because of reduced protection.

    Our Fuel Rally Raid “Summer” gloves are your perfect motocross, enduro, or trial ride companions, made using high-quality leather mixed with other technical fabrics to achieve a comfortable and safe finish.

    Fuel Rally Raid Glove Summer

    Our Fuel Rally Raid “Patch” is another option, with a unique style to stand out from the crowd.

    Fuel Rally Raid Patch


    If you dress the part when you ride on a scrambler or urban-styled bike, you’ll want the gloves to match.

    Unlike summer gloves, protection is a basic element for use on the road, so they are usually made of leather or materials with high abrasion resistance, and knuckle protections.

    Check out our Rodeo Brown and Olive gloves to get the style you want without sacrificing protection. They are made from 100% cowhide leather and are double-stitched for extra strength. The suede details add timeless style and an extra layer of essential abrasion protection.

    Fuel Rodeo Glove Brown


    Trail gloves are for the rider who does both off-road and on-road, so its features are a mix of both. So the are made with technical fabric, has good grip and also protections as the street gloves. 

    Our Rally Raid gloves, for example, has integrated knuckle armor plus technical fabrics to achieve a comfortable and safe finish. 

    Fuel Rally Raid Glove

    2. What weather or climate will you be dealing with?  

    Depending on the season of the year, you will need one type of glove or another. Summer gloves should protect you in case of a fall and at the same time be as cool as possible on hot days.

    Therefore they should not have an inner lining and in case they are made of leather, it should be perforated like our Rodeo Yellow or Rodeo Black.

    Fuel Rodeo Glove Yellow

    For colder months, the protection against low temperatures and rain should be the essential features.

    When considering these aspects, your decision should be a lot easier. Need more options? Check out our full range of gloves for all your different needs here