"It's not just the thrill of the ride, but also the ease of choosing any path"

Introducing Nata On The Road, a passionate motorcycle traveler whose life revolves around the freedom and joy of hitting the open road. Embracing her motorbike as her "home," Nata combines her love for adventure with a practical approach to travel. In this interview, she shares her experiences, offers tips for first-time riders, and discusses her affinity for Fuel Motorcycles—a brand that perfectly captures her style and spirit. Join us as Nata also reveals her exciting future travel plans, inspiring adventurers everywhere.

Who is Nata On The Road?

Nata On The Road is for sure a travel addict. Her happy place is without any doubt the movement and the open spaces!

A motorbike was the perfect answer to that, and a place to call 'home'

What do you enjoy most about traveling by motorcycle?

Clearly and without a doubt: the freedom it offers me. It's not just the thrill of the ride, but also the ease of choosing any path, be it paved or dirt, the ability to overtake cars in traffic, the convenience of turning around when I take a wrong turn, and parking easily anywhere. Then there's the freedom of time—to leave when you want, do wherever you want. There's no need to depend on a schedule, never having to stress about missing a train or a plane...

Economic freedom too... People say it's expensive to travel by motorcycle, but not at all! I own a Himalayan! More than once, I thought the fuel gauge was broken because it hadn't moved! I can travel 350 km for less than 20 euros! If that isn't freedom, I don’t know what is. Also, spare parts and repairs are cheap... It's much more economical than traveling by car.

What advice would you give someone considering motorcycle travel for the first time?

Buy a small, practical motorcycle (appropriate for your size, of course). Choose something simple to handle that you enjoy riding. Also, opt for a brand that's easy to repair anywhere. If you're traveling outside of Europe, you'd better have a simple bike so you can find parts everywhere and any mechanic can help you with the basics. With an old or inexpensive bike, you’ll attract less attention and worry less about leaving it parked overnight, etc… Don't pack too much. Take half of what you think you should take! In the worst case, you can always buy what you need along the way.

And then just go, start however you can, with whatever you have; you'll never feel 100% ready. Just go!

What attracted you to Fuel Motorcycles and why did you decide to collaborate with them?

The style!! The vibes… but not just the clothes, it's the lifestyle they represent, the vintage nostalgia... for someone like me who loves analog photography, darkrooms, and 80s motorcycles! Fuel is honestly the only clothing brand that truly has the vibe I love. I was especially drawn by the visual aspects, the photography... the vintage side and the way they take and edit photos! As I paid more attention, I liked the history, the choice of motorcycles, the vintage details of the clothing. I always saw photos of the guys off-road with scramblers and thought, "I want a boyfriend like that" hahaha

Then I found out the brand was Spanish, from Barcelona!! WHAT!!?? I liked it even more! I felt a connection, like I understood a bit of the culture it came from, all of that... I'm not Spanish, but I've always felt at home in Spanish-speaking countries.

It took me a long time to realize they had women's clothing!! And it also took me a while to contact them because I held them in such high regard that I wanted to grow my account and take many cool photos to convince them

Do you have any exciting projects in mind for the future that you can share with us?

YES! Many, always!! Besides currently exploring all the Canary Islands in depth to create my first interactive road trip map, my next project is to do the same in Iceland. At least a month, by ferry, all with my own bike, unhurriedly and without the fear of breaking a rented bike.  After that, I'd love to explore more of Eastern Europe, which seems to be a paradise still somewhat untouched, or at least less known among bikers! By the end of the year, I have a big project to go to New Zealand and for 2025 I would love to set foot in North America for the first time.