Time To Remember - Fuel R100 Tracker HP

Time To Remember - Fuel R100 Tracker HP


Based on a BMW R100 RS from 1979 the Fuel R100 Tracker HP ( High Performance) was commissioned by Dave from England.

Dave joined at the Scram Africa 2017, but his bike broke down. So when the trip ended, he gave it to us to fix get some cool upgrades.

We worked on several designs, and Dave finally chose one with a dirt track influence. The concept had a compact tank, a solo seat, and a high exhaust pipe. And it was to be as simple and light as possible.

On the other hand, we wanted to improve the performance of the bike. We started changing the front fork for a BMW K75 one, the whole brake system ( a bigger disc and four caliper brakes), Mikuni carbs, K&N air filters, a rear Ohlins suspension, fast throttle grip, etc..

A particularly neat detail is the ignition system: there’s a key unit on the left side of the bike, but it starts with a button next to the speedometer.

The bike has a lot of new parts designed by us and machined by a specialist..speedometer holder, bracket indicators, front and rear fender brass fixing screws, etc..and other handmade parts as the battery box, the rear frame, the tubular structure under the seat, high exhaust pipes, aluminum number side panels, number plate holder, etc..so we really use a few aftermarket parts.

This bike represents a step forward in our learning, it was a challenge that we achieved thanks to 5 months of hard work and the talent of many people as our engineer Alfons.

Now just remains to share the result with all of you.

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Main mods and parts:

Bates front light

Motogadget speedometer

LSL handlebar

Triumph front and rear fenders

Leather seat

K&N Air filter

Oury grips

Ohlins rear shocks

Dunlop K70 tires

Dirt track tank

Offroad footpegs

Kawasaki Z1 brake master cylinder

Fuel front disc

Progressive springs

Mikuni 36 carbs

Fondseca quick throttle

Handmade  exhaust pipes

Handmade  side number panels

Handmade  battery box

Handmade  subframe

Handmade  number plate holder

Machined front indicators brackets

Machined speedometer holder

Machined ignition key holder