Greasy Collection

Inspired by denim workwear garments

They became famous in the 1880s and 1890s in the US, specially railroad engineers, cowboys, and miners were the first to be excited about the durable, breathable utility garment. Until today, it is impossible to imagine the world without Denim. Could you?


We took up this classic line and developed it further for nostalgic riders. The stylish and functional collection includes a denim jacket, a denim pant and a denim selvedge pant, all made by the mix of high-quality denim and aramid (single layer) that allows you to ride with maximum comfort and protection.


While in the early year’s denim clothing supported workers in factories, in mining or on railway lines, it's now the perfect fit for safety and stylish rides. The Vintage design leaves no doubt that this jacket is made for pure nostalgic riders!


These pants are made of high-quality denim mixed with aramid which means they are lighter and more comfortable than other denim pants that have aramid panels. Thanks to their vintage design, there is only one truth: You can wear them whenever you want.


Selvedge denim pants are a unique product. We used Selvedge Denim mixed with Aramid fibers to achieve a light, comfortable fit and AA safety rating. Our pants are crafted with both modern and vintage sewing machines, combining the spirit of old times and the functionality and safety of nowadays needs.

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