About us


This is the ultimate manifestation of Fuel’s spirit. We believe it is more exciting to discover new paths than follow those already travelled. Explore the world. Take risks. Don’t settle for ordinary.


 Our Roots.

A shared passion for motorcycles and vintage style brought Fuel’s creators together in 2012. We started building customized bikes in Barcelona and soon gained global notoriety in the scrambler and cafe racer scene. Our goal was to create a two-wheeled brand with authenticity at its heart. To make sure our bikes could survive tough terrains, we needed (and wanted) to ride them in extreme conditions! Fuel’s first Scram Africa - a 2,500km trip to the African desert - took place in 2013 and was a huge sand-soaked success. Today, it’s our landmark event for adventure junkies.


Our Vision.

Fuel’s vision for a community of nostalgic riders evolved over the years. We started designing stylish riding gear that blends vintage looks from the past with all the innovations of modern technology. The high-quality retro clothing that we wanted to wear, but couldn’t find on the market. And now we’re the go-to place for old school motorcycle apparel enthusiasts.