A Decade of Desert Dreams

With great pride, we unveil the 10th Edition of Scram Africa. A journey that embarked on its adventurous path a decade ago, fueled by the unbreakable spirit of exploration and friendship. 

STAGE 1 | Nador - Rekkam Camp

As the sun dipped below the horizon, our intrepid adventurers found themselves surrounded by the remote Rekkam Camp—a breathtaking expanse that epitomizes the magnificence of nature. Here, they kindled the very essence of Scram Africa—camaraderie around crackling campfires, stories that danced with the flames, and a sense of awe for the world's untouched beauty. As the stars filled the sky, they lay under the vast celestial canopy, an experience that brought them closer to the universe and each other.

STAGE 2 | Rekkam Camp - Erfoud

The second stage unfolded as a relentless test of grit and endurance, as riders encountered the arid deserts and grueling dunes with unwavering determination. For many, it was their maiden voyage into the intricate world of desert dunes. Each climb and descent through the majestic dunes created memories that left an indelible mark, forging an inseparable bond between man and machine. Dusty trails gave way to panoramic vistas, and every twist and turn was a revelation.

STAGE 3 |  Erfoud - Erg Chebbi

In the early hours of a fateful morning, a rescue mission was launched to retrieve riders trapped in the midst of a village flood. The relentless rain had left them marooned, but the kindness of the local villagers served as a beacon of hope. They were welcomed with open arms, provided shelter, and shared a hot meal—a reminder that even in the harshest conditions, humanity shines brightly. Nature's unexpected fury altered the off-road route, diverting motorcycles to the finish line via paved roads. Despite the adversity, the indomitable spirit of Scram Africa prevailed, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

STAGE 4 | Erg Chebbi - Marabout

Set against the stunning backdrop of Erg Chebbi's dunes, this stage ushered in another day of thrilling adventure. While some riders opted to surf the dunes, others embarked on a day-long journey through the captivating terrain. The vast desert stretched out like an endless canvas, inviting them to explore its every contour. Each rise and fall of the dunes was an invitation to discover new horizons, and as the day unfurled, they were greeted by the breathtaking grandeur of Marabout.


Leaving the desert behind, our adventurers ventured into the formidable Atlas Mountains—a rugged expanse that divides the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts from the Sahara Desert. With temperatures plummeting to 9°C and altitudes scaling beyond 3,000 meters, they braved ferocious winds and thunderstorms, all while traversing roads that tantalized every motorcycle enthusiast. The winding roads, dramatic landscapes, and the thrill of every twist and turn captivated their senses. At midday, they converged at a quaint bar, reveling in the joy of a cold refreshment after hours of exhilarating riding. Amidst breathtaking scenery, the bonds between riders grew stronger, forged by shared challenges and the spirit of adventure.


The final stage symbolized the nearing end of this remarkable odyssey, leading participants to the coastal town of Assilah. It was here that riders experienced the exhilaration of a beach run—an exultant climax to their awe-inspiring journey. As they reached the hotel, the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean beckoned, inviting them to celebrate the conclusion of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow on the sand, and the beach run turned into a glorious sunset spectacle.

As the adventure concludes in Barcelona, after ten days of camaraderie, kilometers, laughter, shared challenges, unforgettable stories, and countless refills of gasoline, we invite you to be part of the next chapter—

Scram Africa 2024. With more motorcycles, more cars, more adventure, and more untamed terrain than ever before, are you prepared to embark on this thrilling expedition?

Photographer: Jake Baggaley