An impossible mission

My relationship with motorcycles started when I was a teen. The first bike was a Vespa 125 Primavera and since then I have had all kinds of bikes: naked, trails, custom, sport, etc. I usually didn’t really care about their power, engine or brakes… but I did care about their beauty, their appearance, their harmony from all points of view: color, shape, proportions… I had to fall in love with it before getting it. Then, there was always something that ran out to convince me… Why those big intermittent? And what about this tank with those colors? etc., etc. That obsession for form and beauty inspired me to ask myself “why couldn’t I create a motorcycle completely to my taste?”, but the answer was equally clear: “Because you have never removed a wheel or changed a battery!” How to make a custom project with no mechanical experience? It was an impossible mission!But one summer I decided I should try it. I had the passion and the design ideas so, what could l lose?I looked for an old BMW as the basis for my project and I started to work hard with a lot of enthusiasm and patience looking for accessories, removing all the useless parts and fixing the new ones. The main idea was to get a comfortable riding bike with a cool look trying not to spend a lot of money. I went for scrambler style, a kind of bike for living great adventures that you can ride on any type of roads. The R100 Scram was born, and Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles company was born with it. Since then I have extended the team with professional engineers and working with paint specialists, welders, etc. to offer a product with a high level in terms of mechanical and design but above all, never losing the passion for motorcycles because that is the engine that moves everything.



Our philosophy

There is a sentence of Claudio Castiglioni (MV Agusta manager) that perfectly defines my way of living the motorcycles: ” Bikes are objects that make you dream” … so when I have a project firstable I like to ask my self or to a customer: what’s your dream?, do you want a bike to go around the world? A bike to feel like a racing driver? Do you want to cross the desert? ::: And from that dream starts the creative process with the customer that takes shape in a motorcycle that thrills, makes you feel alive and is a reflection of your personality, in short, the bike you’ve always dreamed of.

Much more than motorcycles

Our mission is  to offer not only a customized classic bike, but also cool motorcycle clothing designed and produced  in Barcelona and not only that, we want you to ride that bike with those clothes  in events like the Scram Africa, a trip to the African desert with classic motorcycles, an adventure only suitable for nostalgic riders!  So, at Fuel want to be more than a motorcycle brand.   We aim at being an experience, a journey through time, a way of living motorcycles with passion and style.