Fuel Inspirational Tuesdays - The BMW Ecureuil 1000 Paris Dakar

Fuel Inspirational Tuesdays - The BMW Ecureuil 1000 Paris Dakar

Today on the "Fuel Inspirational Tuesdays" we share with you a unique project made specifically to go to Paris-Dakar back on the '80s, the flawless BMW Ecureuil 1000.

The Ecureuil 1000 ERS conceived in 1986 by Joel Guilet (Ducati rider at the time Bol d'Or) on the initiative of the journalist and driver Pierre-Marie Poli.

Equipped with air-cooled boxer engine BMW 1020 CC, 80 HP / 6500 RPM/min (engine preparation made from Arcueil Motor).
Tank 64 liters made of soft rubber,
Dry weight 170 kg dry weight and 250 kg with full,
Speed 195 km/h.

The originality of the ERS 1000 resided in its modular frame and carbon all disassembled very quickly, in just six minutes giving access to motor and transmission. This feature allows the ability to change the weight distribution and vary the distance. The project will be brought to the Paris Dakar also in 1988 and 1989.

The design consists of three parts:
– A Kevlar-carbon body weighing just six pounds,
– The engine-transmission-rear wheel assembly,
– The front suspension, attached on the front.

The main advantage is the quick fitting: It only takes six minutes to remove the engine and transmission! This makes it easy to adapt the bike to the challenges of each stage.
In 1987, three Écureuil entered the race, led by Pierre-Marie Poli, Marc Morales, and former policeman Daniel Pescheur.
Parker never made it arrive in Dakar, Pescheur's bike caught fire in the desert and Morales, Although arrived at the finish was not qualified. Actually, during the last leg, Marc Morales was ranked 7th overall, was walking near the Lake Rose (Lake Retba), just three kilometers from the finish!

This bike is complete and original with the exception of the headlight protection, that could easily be reproduced.
According to need is equipped with front wheels from 18, 19 or 21 inches.
The engine, a 1050 model 1023 CC prepared by Herbert Scheck (the well-known German driver and BMW), and been ordered directly from BMW France.

The bike is equipped with a Marzocchi fork and two rear Öhlins, the chassis and the suspension fitting of the engine are honeycomb and carbon were built by ERS.
The bike is available in France, without valid entry documents for road use. Actually, these prototype raced with registration documents which corresponded to a production motorcycle. "

Photos: Alessio Corradini