FUEL TBT - The Incredible FUEL R65 Racer

FUEL TBT - The Incredible FUEL R65 Racer


At Fuel, we use to build motorcycles with an offroad look as scramblers or dirt track types but, in the summer of 2016, we decided to build something different starting from a BMW R65 monolever 86', that way we've started to construct our first cafe racer project. The Fuel R65 Racer.

A bike with a tank and racing tail, clip-on handlebars, alloy wheels, dual exhaust, footrests racing, etc.

Jorge, the owner, is a young guy who lives and work in Barcelona who gave us complete freedom for building the bike fully trusting on us.

Since the beginning we had a very clear idea, to create a bike with a racing aspect but that could ride each day as a gentleman in a suit and tie. We think that thanks to their elegant shapes and sober colors we have achieved this goal.

The gray color of the deposit is the same color used in the Mustang Eleanor (“60 seconds” film) this color with natural light produces a shadow effect giving the bike a sleek and aggressive look at the same time.

Starting at the front we got a creative note with a small quarter fairing made with a helmet visor (Biltwell bubble shield) that hides a small and powerful front light. On the top, we put only the original BMW tachometer to mark the racing look of the bike and just below the counter a start button.

The fuel tank comes from a Laverda 750 SFC and we built the seat along the lines of deposit to form a harmonious set.

The seat upholstery is leather designed like the old racing bikes.


Some new collectors to come out the two escapes from the left side gives a racing look. But not just the look also the noise!

The tires we decided to go with a Heidenau K65 that gives modern performances with a classic look.

The bike was in good condition so we haven't overhauled the engine (just added competition air filters) regarding the suspension, we changed the rear shock for a better Hagon one and mounted progressive fork springs.

For us, it has been a very interesting experience because it has been a different project to what we usually do so far, hope you like it!



-BMW R65 Monolever

-Four-stroke two cylinders "Boxer" engine, air cooled

-48 hp (33 kW)

-Twin disc

-Brembo 2 piston caliper



-Laverda 750 SFC tank

-Seat designed and built by Fuel

-Small quarter fairing designed by Fuel using a Biltwell bubble shield

-Brake pump

-Motogadget start button

-Original BMW tachometer

-Heidenau K65 tires

-Aluminum air filters

-Odyssey battery

-Front and rear fenders modified

-Indicators brackets manufactured by Fuel

-Ikon rear shock

-Racing footrest