Here we are again! Few meters lay between us and the finishing line of 2022. Some say these days are perfect to sum up and reflect on these past twelve months. Others see it like any other time of the year, not worthy of too much attention. We all breathe in the air of these weeks in our own way; however many of us, if not all, do have one thing in common: we want to finally relax, release that throttle slightly. It’s also clearly a chance to think about others by giving them a present, or (why not?) treat ourselves to our personal letter to Father Christmas. But what does a rider’s wish list look like? Well, it depends on the type of rider you are!

We had fun trying to give you some options to help you write the perfect letter to Santa Claus:    


If you are the proud owner of a scrambler motorbike and you are a multitasking rider; you can ride on any road and your only limit is your tank size, so you know full well that “adequate” gear isn’t the only prerequisite: what you need is adaptable clothing, depending on the season and conditions you come across on the road. So here are a few quick thoughts. 

If you are thinking about a jacket, make sure it’s layered and it can ensure a high degree of transpiration whenever you ride in extremely hot conditions. At the same time you will also need protection for cold climates, which is why some good internal padding is also a great idea (and if it’s separable, that makes it easier to wash). Similarly, protection against bad weather dictates the need for hydro-repellent materials. And don’t forget abrasion and tear resistance, an equally important characteristic! 

Are you thinking that all these characteristics are at odds with comfort and style? Well, that’s often the case. The real challenge is often to merge function, comfort and safety under the common denominator called design. At Fuel we have found our own formula, which we called Division Jacket.

The same argument can be made for trousers. In this case, however, strength has an even greater value, as this part of your gear is subject to greater stress, owing to movement and abrasion while you ride your motorbike. It is therefore paramount for our trousers to be comfortable, but also strengthened where necessary, in the hope you will never really need to test them to their fullest…

In order to encompass all these characteristics, without losing focus on our trademark style, we developed our Sergeant Pants produced using Fuel 3 Core tech and strengthened by specific inserts. But let’s move on…


If you have a café racer style motorbike. If your favourite habitat is perfectly smooth tarmac. If you enjoy the sound of open exhausts, while you trace a perfect sequence of bends on the road.. then your mind’s guiding reference are old school bikers, even when talking about style and clothing

In this case, leather and suede are your key materials. A jacket tailored with these materials intrinsically bears added style and appeal, which only increases with use! This is why extra attention is to be paid to safety: we love tarmac, but it can be cruel to us! So it’s fundamental to only consider jackets which have (at least) joint and back protections. If these are extractable, we can transform our technical garment into a totally casual one. In this segment, Fuel’s suggestion is Sidewaze Jacket.

Regarding trousers, we think about something which is not only abrasion proof (and we already know why), but also comfy and wearable. That’s because we all like to dress with style, but riding along curvy roads doesn’t mean going to a fashion event. Even more so, if our objective is to get some kilometers behind us, squatting on our saddle and rearward footrests! As always, we believe it is possible to merge these requisites. This is why we came up with our Marshal Pants.



If you are more inclined to off-road biking and you prefer savage, dirty riding. If you have a competitive spirit, with or without a helmet on your head. If there was a poster of Bob Hannah above your bed when you were a kid… that means you might want to look for something with a racing design. There are no other options!

Looking at foregone off-road eras, we all recognise a certain simple and genuine style. This is what draws us to them, as well as the smell of 2% fuel-oil mix. Pastel-tones, two-coloured combinations, simple designs and clear-cut characters are a few of the base ingredients of the allure that inspires us so much. We are talking about races, so there’s no space for small talk, our clothing has to be extremely robust and comfortable. End of story. 

At Fuel we interpreted these aesthetic and time coordinates through our Racing Division line, which embodies our modern vision of those historic times with a complete range of items!