El Gringo Capsule Collection

 Howdy, dear Friends! Who never dreamed of being a Cowboy, Riding Wild Horses and have a couple of whiskeys on a real Saloon?

For this reason, we organized the "El Gringo" a ride for scramblers and custom bikes through Tabernas. We covered 500 adventurous kilometers over dusty paths, snowy mountains, and rocky trails, all this for the pleasure of riding and living just for a couple of days like we all was inside a classic spaghetti western from the '70s!

Take a look at the full event report HERE.

But to live the old west dream, you have to look like a real cowboy right? So take a deep breath Cowboy, we've prepared a capsule collection with some special items so everyone can join us on the search for "El Gringo"!  All items are limited edition so be the fast clutch on the west and place your order!

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