On the "Faces of Scram Africa" of this week, we present to you some thoughts of Marco Tonelli, one of the first riders to bet on the adventure of Scram Africa back in 2013, and in his words, you can see why he keeps waiting every year to face the Sahara Desert with the @FuelMotorcycles Crew! Read Below.


It was on my way back home -after my first Scram in 2013 - when I noticed that the experience had planted a seed inside of me. A seed which I serve as a cage, keeping it safe from a hostile world and developing patience for the yearly wait, only to bring it back to its natural place; the only place where it can bloom.

Scram Africa

This is going to be my sixth year in Scram Africa, but I always live it as a newcomer who is going for the first time. Every year is unique: new faces, new friends, new roads and new adventures.

Only there I am able to connect with my bike. It is as if it speaks to me; as if it is grateful for finally being free after months of lethargy.

It is in Scram where I find a family. A family with members around the globe, each one irreplaceable in the experience. A family that succeeds and fails together. A family that makes me learn and grow as a rider and as a human.


Karles made his dream come true in 2012 and made us all part of it. Now that dream is ours, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Scram Africa